Monday, 31 December 2012

Book Review - Gluten Free Baking by Michael McCamley

I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous gluten free baking book for Christmas. I opened it with a bit of trepidation as I've been given a couple in the past, and been pretty disappointed by the vast concoctions of specialist flours used to make the simplest of cakes. I've found that the gluten-free plain and self-raising flours found in the supermarket work well with a bit of tweaking to traditional recipes.

This recipe book is the kind I've been wanting to write myself for sometime. It is written with Joe Public in mind and all ingredients can be found in even the smaller supermarkets.  The chef who wrote the book has obviously thought carefully about which recipes to include, with classic favourites such as profiteroles (something I've promised myself to make since the Great British Bake Off) and scones (something which I have never managed to fully master).

The five recipes currently top of my list are:

Carrot cake
Strawberry shortcake
Pear, oat and blueberry breakfast loaf

Me and my trusty little baker started with the carrot cake muffins today. Light and lovely, a real delight.   

If all the other recipes taste as good as these (and I am sure they will be) then this book is a real winner. I can actually see people adapting it so they can cook non GF!

Well done  Michael, I wish I had discovered you sooner...


  1. saw a recipe whilst having a coffee in a delightful coffee shop in cornwall for a gluten free drambuie christmas Cake. Unfortunately didn't have a pen & paper to copy the recipe. does anyone have the details as i'd love to try bake this
    Jojo B

    1. That recipe is in the above book (which I also have and think is fabulous - not one recipe has failed and I've baked more than half from it!).

    2. This is a brilliant book, especially if you're a coeliac like me, and fed up with complicated ingredients. Couldn't do without mine. :-)

  2. I wonder what kind of flour is he using? Thanks