Thursday, 27 September 2012

The River Cottage Experience

Well the day finally came and on Monday morning I got picked up by tractor and trailer and was whisked away (well trundled away) to River Cottage HQ. Was the experience as good as I imagined? Well the answer to that is no, it was even better! 

 I anticipated the course would be rather informal, but quite dictated by time and with a set schedule. How wrong I was! The focus on the day was all about the folks on the course and what we wanted out of the day. 

We started by having a wander around the farm and were led by Craig; the head gardener. It was great to see that the veggies had faced the same problems as mine this  year due to the rain (even celebrity veggies get hit!) and I was soon asking loads of questions and picking his brain over various problems I've been having.

We meandered our way through and collected some fresh goodies as we went, both from the gardens and the fields before heading to the kitchen.

Now the fun really started! It would take forever to describe the day so here's a quick summary of what we did:

Ate homemade sausage sarnies (or in my case a gorgeous Spanish tortilla)

Made bread (the chef was lovely and let me pick what kind of bread I wanted to make so I picked a spelt loaf)


Butchered venison and made sausages

 Made black pudding

 Made pizza and ate it with scrummy cider

 Did a bit of Hugh it or isn't it?

Made meringues

...had a wee glass of champers on Hugh's bonnet

...and finished off the day with a lovely meal...

To summarise, all I will say is "It was the best day ever". Thanks River Cottage x

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